Please be aware of the changes that the schedule may have from today to the date of the event.

We will keep you informed of possible changes.


JUNIORS Class: Juniors category.

WELCOMING NEWCOMERS Class: you never danced West Coast Swing before and will learn your first basics with us.


LEVEL 1 - Workshops (Novice): you already know the basics and need to work on technique and details. Focus will be on connection, stretching, compression/extension, posture/frame, dancing in-line/slot.

LEVEL 2 - Workshops (Intermediate): you have WSDC Intermediate points or passed the audition for this level, also have a good and solid base and is looking for more. Focus will be on repertory of movement, variations, footwork’s and contrast.


LEVEL 3 - Workshops (Adv/All Stars): you have WSDC Advanced or All Star points, this leval is based on challenging to go up to the next level. Focus will be on texturing movements, interpretation, communication, presentation and identity.


MASTER CLASSES PRO: to wide knowledge about this dance and learn from listening the Masters previous experiences. Masterclasses are gonna work in a convention format (Presentation and or a Q&A dynamics).

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